Stone Corridor

We will visit the stone corridor, this safe and mysterious place. The adjacent rooms are still used daily, such as this old laundry room which has been modernized. This corridor is under the nuns’ private wing.


* The video you will see is a reduced version of the 3D model. The image quality is compressed to suit most devices.

Map - Basement

The stone corridor highlighted on a floor plan map.


0:00 - 0:22
After going down the stairs near the forechoir, we look to the right and then to the left. We move towards the heavy brown metal door. This door leads to the stone corridor.
0:22 - 0:46
Made of stone slabs in 1712, this corridor is a witness to the history of our country. This wing is the most solid part of the monastery and served as a refuge for the nuns during the bombardments.
0:46 - 0:52
Move forward. The first door on our right is the laundry room. Let’s go in.
0:52 - 0:56
The washtub is at the back to the left. Move forward.
0:56 - 1:17
With the boarding school, a lot of washing needed to be done. This huge brick washtub served for the whole monastery. They lit the fire underneath and boiled the linen.
1:17 - 1:28
Let's go back. Behind us is the scrub sink. Let's move on.
1:28 - 1:38
The wooden container that resembles a trough for animals is the place where the linen was scrubbed.
1:38 - 1:43
Let’s take a look down. Notice the copper bottom needed to retain the water.
1:43 - 1:51
Turn slightly to the right to leave the room.
1:51 - 2:04
Turn right and continue along the stone corridor. Then let's stop to observe.
2:04 - 2:20
Do you notice the change? The floor and ceiling are made of wood. As this structure was not fireproof, the nuns preferred to use stone when they extended the corridor.
2:20 - 2:32
Let's move forward to the next room.