Entrance Hall and the Parlors Wing

The monastery has changed over the centuries. Sections were removed and new wings were built. Also, sections have been destroyed by fire, or damaged by nature's whims or by cannonballs. But the nuns have always taken care of their home.The big red door on 18 Donnacona Street is now the main entrance of the monastery, but it was not so before the 19th century. The original entrance was close to the St. Augustin staircase. Perhaps you will see it during your visit.
Today, the entrance leads to the Parlor wing. The parlor was the only place in the monastery where the nuns could have any contact with the outside. They even had to speak to their visitors through a heavy grill.


* The video you will see is a reduced version of the 3D model. The image quality is compressed to suit most devices.

Map - Ground floor

The entrance Hall and the Parlors Wing highlighted on a floor plan man.


0:00 - 0:07
Welcome to the Ursuline Monastery of Old Quebec City. We move towards the big red entrance door.
0:07 - 0:10
Move forward. We enter the monastery which is still on the premises of the first monastery.
0:10 - 0:23
We are in the lobby. Let's have a quick look at the room.
0:23 - 0:28
We go towards the wooden door, called the convent door.
0:28 - 0:54
Before entering, look slightly to the left. The small door you see is the door of the “turn“. The “turn” is a wooden cylinder that opens on one side. Packages and letters were deposited there. The cloistered nuns rotated the cylinder and retrieved the objects through a door on their side.
0:54 - 1:15
Let’s look at the door on our right. It is called a convent door. It is now open, but it is normally always closed. In the past, a woman who crossed this threshold to enter the convent could never go out again. Move forward to enter through this door.
1:15 - 1:33
This stained-glass window was a donation honoring the 350th anniversary of the arrival of the Ursulines. It also commemorates the original site of Madame de la Peltrie’s chapel.
1:33 - 1:40
Beginning by the left, make a turn to observe the corridor.
1:40 - 1:53
Complete our turn on ourselves. We see the corridor leading to the chapel.
1:53 - 2:13
Let's move slowly. On our right, the brown door leads to a parlor. The parlors were formal places where nuns could receive guests, on the other side of a heavy cloister grill.
2:13 - 2.17
We advance and stop before the chapel.