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This online exhibition was developed with the support of the Virtual Exhibits Investment Program, Virtual Museum of Canada. The Virtual Museum of Canada is managed by the Canadian Museum of History, with the financial support of the Government of Canada.

This exhibition was produced by the Musée des Ursulines de Québec from an original idea developed by the Laboratory of Museology and Culture Engineering (LAMIC) from Laval University to perform 3D scanning of the inner chapel of the Ursulines Quebec Monastery in collaboration with Luc Couchesne, University of Montreal, as part of the research project Nouveaux terrains d’apparition and Luc Noppen, University of Quebec at Montreal, as part of the research project Forum canadien du patrimoine.

The Musée des Ursulines de Québec is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Communications of Quebec.

Project Partners : Laboratoire de Vision et Systèmes Numériques (LVSN), Laval University MCG3D, Sainte-Foy (Quebec) Société des arts technologiques (SAT), Montreal L’École des Ursulines de Québec

Administration : Union canadienne des Moniales de l'Ordre de Sainte-Ursule CELAT, Laval University

Hosts: Thank you to the Ursulines who participated and welcomed the project with enthusiasm.


Musée des Ursulines de Québec

Project Management : Daniel Berthiaume, Sr Diane Gagnon
Project Leader : Joannie McLeod
Conceptualization and scientific approvals : Christine Cheyrou
Research : Mathieu Drouin, Julien Mercure-Gauvin
Scenography: Christine Cheyrou, Joannie McLeod
Content Selection : Christine Cheyrou, Mathieu Drouin, Julien Mercure-Gauvin
Archives : Marie-Andrée Fortier, Caroline Nadeau, Josée Pomminville
Photography : Catherine Lévesque, Joannie McLeod
Technician in Museology : Catherine Lévesque, Mélanie Pouliot
Writing : Joannie McLeod
Graphics and Design : Louis-Philipe Bellerose, Mathieu Côté, Joannie McLeod, Veronike Doyon
Narration: Joannie McLeod, Valérie Bouchard, Sr Céline Bergeron, Sr Élisabeth Landry, Bianca Cadieux, Sr Marie-Claire Hébert.
Translation : Sr Élisabeth Landry, Sr Helen Hayes, Valérie Bouchard
Linguistic Revision : Valérie Bouchard, Sr Diane Gagnon, Sr Lise Munro, Jacynthe Gagnon, Martine Langlois, Sr Helen Hayes, Sr Élisabeth Landry
Committee of Elders : Sr Gabrielle Noël, Sr Marie-Claire Hébert

Laboratory of Museology and Culture Engineering (LAMIC)

Conceptualization and Project Management : Philippe Dubé
Project Leader : Dominique Gélinas
Exploratory and Technological Research : Denis Laurendeau, Louis-Robert Bouchard, Sylvie Daniel, Claire Delisle et Guy Côté (MCG3D)
3D scanning : Claire Delisle et Guy Côté (MCG3D), Thierry Moszkovicz
Modeling : Zara Toony, Peyman Hedayati Vahid, Benoit Duinat, Elsa Goarrin, Camille Autran, Géraud Le Falher, Camille Marchand, Thomas Renaud
3D Integration : Benoit Duinat
Sound Atmosphere and Captation : Jean-Ambroise Vesac
Photography : Luc-Antoine Couturier
Expography and Scenography : Dominique Gélinas
Content Integration : Dominique Gélinas
Research and Developement Support : Fondation canadien de l’innovation (FCI), MITACS, programme d’Accélération, Professeur Luc Courchesne (UdeM), Nouveau terrain d’apparition (CRSH), Société des arts technologiques (SAT), Professeur Luc Noppen (UQAM), Forum canadien de recherche publique sur le patrimoine (CRSH)



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