Gilded and sculpt Altar of devotion with an altarpiece. At his center: Virgin and Child statue. Holding Scepter in her right hand.
Altar of Devotion to Our Lady of Great Power. David Ouellet (1844-1915).
Gilded and polychromed wood. 1902.

Our Lady of Great Power

Protectress of the Monastery

This atlar is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. While she is depicted in several distinct forms, this specific representation is Our Lady of Great Power. Its connection to our order dates back several centuries, as it was Mother Madeleine Bonnet of Saint-Pierre d’Issoudun, in France, who was inspired to invoke the Virgin Mary under this name. The Ursuline order subsequently adopted this devotion. Only later did it become a tradition here, at the Monastery of Quebec, as the statue was created in the 1720s!