White altar table with gilded low relief. On it, the tabernacle and the gilded altarpiece are surrounded by low reliefs and pediment. At the centre, a painting of Jesus offering his heart to a group of nuns.
Sacred Heart Altarpiece. Pierre-Noël Levasseur. (1690-1770).
Gilded and polychromed wood. 1727-1729

Altarpiece of Devotion

The Sacred Heart of Jesus

The Sacred Heart altarpiece, made sometime between 1727 and 1729 by Pierre-Noël Levasseur, was not readily visible to those sitting in the exterior chapel. The reason for this is quite simple: it was designed to be seen by our sisters and boarders, and was located in the interior chapel. The congregation ordered the construction of this altar dedicated to the Sacred Heart in memory of our foundress, who was sincerely and singularly devoted to the Sacred Heart.