Basement’s Essentials

The basement of the monastery is the place where we find the most interesting items!
The public does not have access to this place. We will visit the site of the first well and the first fireplace that were initially outside the monastery. With time and additions to the monastery – and also for the purpose of keeping them intact - these landmarks of the past were included within the monastery walls.


* The video you will see is a reduced version of the 3D model. The image quality is compressed to suit most devices.

Map - Basement
The basement’s essentials highlighted on a floor plan map.


0:00 - 0:05
We enter the rooms which were built around the remains of the first monastery: the first well and the first fireplace.
0:05 - 0:13
We cross the room made of stone walls painted white. Straight ahead.
0:13 - 0:33
We arrive at the well, which dates back to the first monastery. It was initially outside the walls but was walled in when additions were made to the monastery.
0:33 - 0:40
Approach the well and go to the left, towards the hearth.
0:40 - 0:52
This fireplace is where Mary of the Incarnation cooked her «sagamité» with the natives. Initially, it was located outside the monastery. See how big it is! They could have cooked a whole cow in there!
0:52 - 0:59
Behind us on the left is the oven and stove room. Let’s move on.
0:59 - 1:06
On entering the room, go to the right.
1:06 - 1:16
This stove, made by the Saint-Maurice Iron Casting Foundry, was used for heating. It is the very last one of this monastery.
1:16 - 1:32
To the right of the stove is the old bread oven. This oven is so large that it could cook bread for everyone in the monastery. Unfortunately, it was also the source of the first fire of the monastery.
1:32 - 1:38
Let us step back a few steps. Let's head towards the left door, at the back of this room. We leave the room.
1:38 - 1:44
We’ll head for the same stairway by which we arrived.
1:44 - 1:46
Let us take the long staircase on the left leading to the nuns' wing.