Carved golden frame. Sketch of Marie de st-Joseph de la Troche, in nun clothes, turned to the right, crossed hands on her heart, a cross in her left hand.
“Marie of Saint-Joseph”. Anonymous after an anonymous painting.
Photography. 20th century

Portrait of Mother Saint Joseph

Mother Saint Joseph, Second Foundress

Marie de Savonnières de la Troche, Mother Saint-Joseph, is not as widely known as Marie of the Incarnation, but in fact she was pivotal to the Ursulines’ mission in New France. Her family would not allow her to leave France for North America. She prayed to Saint Joseph to help her convince those around her, and as she was ultimately successful, she took on his name in recognition of his assistance. After the first fire at the Monastery, her family urged her to return to France, but she refused. In spite of illness, she upheld her commitment until the end.