Simple wood frame. Painted portrait in an oval. Abbot Maguire in his chaplain clothes. Shaved, brown messy  hair, brown eyes. Looking to the left.
«Thomas Maguire». Théophile Hamel. (1817-1872). Oil on canvas. 1870

Painting Father Maguire

Our Good Father Maguire

Thomas Maguire, chaplain of the Ursulines as of the year 1832, worked relentlessly and dedicatedly on behalf of our community. With the help of Mother Saint Henry McLaughlin, he improved the Monastery’s finances and revised the cloister’s rules. After a trip abroad, visiting some of the finest schools, he transformed the nuns’ methods of instruction. New subjects, such as chemistry and physics, were added to other disciplines, such as music. This was an exceedingly rare curriculum at the time. The Ursuline School consequently became one of the most prestigious educational institutions for young girls in all of North America.