Painted portrait. Mary of the Incarnation with her nun clothes. Turned to the left, closed eyes. Wrist crossed, holding a cross on her heart.
“Marie of the Incarnation”. Anonymous. Oil on canvas. 17th century.

Painting Marie of the Incarnation

Portrait of a saint

Marie of the Incarnation was born on October 28, 1599, in Tours, France, under the name of Marie Guyart. As a child, she aspired to religious life, but at 17 her parents married her to Claude Martin. Two years later, she was a widowed mother. She was a remarkable business woman and spent the following years working for her brother in law.

In 1631, entrusted her son to her sister’s care and entered the convent. She arrived in Quebec on August 1st, 1639. She is the foundress of this Monastery. She died in April 1672.

This painting was made after her death. This is the last memory of the face of our saint.