Low relief of the ceiling, vaults. Circular pieces shaped as golden suns. A pelican nourishing its young ones, a flying dove, an anchor with a cross and a sacred heart.
Bas relief. David Ouellet (1844-1915).
Gilded and polychromed wood. 1902.


Three Symbols

On the ceiling of the interior chapel, there are three arches. The first, directly above the atlar, is adorned with a pelican, which, according to legend, would draw its own blood to feed its young in times of famine. This symbol represents Jesus, who sacrificed himself to save mankind. The center arch is adorned with a dove. The dove represents the Holy Spirit, as represented to Jesus at his baptism. It is also a symbol of peace and harmony. The last arch is adorned with an anchor, a symbol of resistance and solidity in faith. These three symbols aptly summarize our congregation: faith, adaptation, humility and benevolence.