Block of black marble. Gilded engraved on the sides: « Marie de l’Incarnation 1599-1672 ». Ornated and golden base. Leaves and ornament above.
Tomb of Mary of the Incarnation. Delwaide and Bourgault workshops. Granite, gilded wood. 1972

Tomb of Mary of the Incarnation

Saint Mary of the Incarnation

It’s incredible to think that the body of Saint Mary of the Incarnation is laid to rest right there, under this massive tombstone.In 1639, widowed and mother to a young boy, she left everything behind in Tours and moved to New France. At the time, this was almost unthinkable! To do something like this you would have to be mad... or maybe just a visionary!

When she died, the foundress of our Monastery left behind a community whose future was assured. She was beatified in 1980, and later canonized in 2014. This location was remodeled to mark the 300th anniversary of her passing.