Rectangular colorful Stained-glass window. Arched top. Illustration of Marie of the incarnation teacher under an ash tree.
Marie of the Incarnation Teaching Under an Ash Tree. Claude Bettinger (1942-1998).
Glass, metal 1987

" Mary of the Incarnation Teaching Under the Ash Tree "

Our Hearts’ Delight

Here you’ll see Mary of the Incarnation’s famous ash tree! Under this tree, in the courtyard of our convent, Mary of the Incarnation taught the young Native American women she called her “heart’s delight”. She adapted to their cultures, learning 4 native languages, and taught lessons outside of the convent, as her students preferred. The tree was badly damaged in a storm hundreds of years ago. In remembrance of this symbol, an ash tree was planted during the commemoration of the 350th anniversary of our founders’ arrival in Québec, and another tree was planted during the 375th anniversary events.