Detailed painting.
A house and natives tents. Some characters. In the far back, the first Ursulines Monastery. Surrounded by forest. Blue sky and some clouds
“First Monastery of the Ursulines in Quebec”. Ursulines’ workshop. After Joseph Légaré (1797-1855).
Oil on canvas. 19th century

Monastery Painting, 1642

The First Monastery in 1642

This painting has been reproduced countless times In our community, it’s rumored that the original was a drawing from memory, by one of our sisters. It depicts the first Monastery, just a few years after its construction. Louis-Joseph Légaré painted this version. In 1817, he began to make copies of various paintings, particularly those brought over from Europe by the Desjardins brothers. The artist even noted the purpose of various parts of the building. In the foreground, you can see Madame de la Peltrie’s house and a native camp, which shows the dedication of our sisters to live near the Native Americans.