White Altar table with gilded low relief. On it, wide gilded altarpiece and very ornate tabernacle. Two gilded columns.
Main Altarpiece. Pierre-Noël Levasseur (1690-1770)
Gilded and polychromed wood 1730-1736

Main Altarpiece

The High Altar of the Chapel

This is what is known as the exterior chapel, located outside of the cloister. Townspeople would attend Mass at the same time as we would, but there was no interaction, as we would be in the other part of the chapel.

The high altar is the most precious item in the chapel. The decorative part is called an altarpiece. It was sculpted in Pierre-Noël Levasseur’s workshop, but was gilded by our sisters, who were experts in the art of gilding!This centerpiece is the only remaining example of interior church decor dating from the era of New France.