Ornament Upper part of the Chapel wall. Gilded and white alcove overcome by sacred heart low relief. In the center, statue of Saint joseph holding child Jesus in his arms.
«Saint Joseph and the Child Jesus». Pierre-Noël Levasseur (1690-1770).
Gilded and polychromed wood. 1730-1736.

Saint Joseph and the Child Jesus

The Patron of New France

Notice how Saint Joseph holds the Child Jesus in his arms, a father and protector. Saint Joseph was chosen as the patron saint of New France from the colony’s outset. When our founding sisters set sail for the New World, they did so on the “Saint Joseph”, a ship that miraculously delivered them from storms, pirates, and even an iceberg. When they arrived, and while they were waiting for the construction of their first Monastery to be completed, they lodged in a home that they called the “Saint Joseph Ursuline Seminary of New France”, as a sign of their devotion, or in appreciation of his benevolence. This is also why Saint Joseph is positioned at the very top of the altarpiece.